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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Wynn

Saturday night, after watching a pretty decent French flick at home...Crimson Rivers with Jean Reno... a sort of Da Vinci Code feel to it... all subtitled which Sonny normally isn't very enthusiastic about but since it was Jean Reno she felt better reading his lines rather than trying to understand his english through what she perceives as a very think French accent... me, I have no problem understanding him at all.

Ah back to what we did... I decided that we should go experience the Wynn... there are supposedly all sorts of interesting things to discover within... as Wynn said, he wanted the entertainment set up to entertain the people in his casino and hotel... as opposed to his vision with the Bellagio that offers entertainment to passers by.

We parked in the garage at about 9:15 and headed into the Casino... I had been in the Wynn before but wanted Sonny to see what it was all about.

We walked by the Ferrari show room/museum, the casino and the shops... the interior of the Wynn while not really my bag is very well done... and obviously very expensive not only in build but I imagine the maintenance is a real bear... After strolling around for awhile we landed at Parasols an indoor/outdoor cocktail bar that is on a lower tier of the casino floor.... when walking through the Wynn it is hard to miss as dividing the indoor and outdoor is a huge 2 story window or series of windows looking over a pool that is the main attraction at this lounge.

We decided to sit outside... even though it was in the mid-high 40's the tables had nice heating elements hanging over them to keep guests warm. Additionally, the chairs outside were a clear plastic that seemed to be pretty well insulated against the cold... had they been metal chairs we would have stayed inside.

While sitting outside you face a large pool with statues of both men and women at different levels of submersion facing toward a 2 story waterfall... and not a natural water fall but a patterned stone, flat wall that resembles the type of waterfalls you find on the mini-zen fountains on sale at Home Depot.

Behind the waterfall is a man made, steep hill covered with pine growth that would lead you to believe you were sitting at an alpine mountain casino rather than in the middle of the desert.

There is a water show that occurs about every 15 minutes and we never saw the same one twice... a mixture of light, sound and movement, it is pretty interesting to watch. I was drinking my staple JW Black and Sonny ordered lavender Mojitos which she enjoyed.

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