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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cousin Jen and The Christmas Tree

This weekend it was Tree-putting-up , cousin visiting weekend. Jennifer was in town for a friends wedding at Treasure Island.

Saturday was spent putting up our fake tree. I have always been in the live tree camp... but Sonny... after years of small nudges and suggestions got me to cave last year and get a fake one... mind you a really nice fake one that looks like a long needle pine. As a compromise we must burn pine candles the whole time the tree is up to complete the illusion... Sonny asked if she should spread needles all over the floor to make it super realistic but I declined.

So Saturday we... Angela, Lisa, Sonny and I put the tree up... baked cookies and had some Soy Nog with Bacardi Anejo Dark Rum. Mmmmmmm. Not as creamy as real Nog but a LOT better for you. After a day of cookies, Nog and decorating... we had an Italian meal of pastas, shrimp, etc... and promptly fell into a food coma.

Sunday... we picked up Jen at the airport... upon climbing into the car Jen saw Lisa and said, "And who are you?" Lisa thinks Jen is interesting and cool. After the airport we went directly to the MGM Sunday Brunch Buffet... wow it was pretty good and only $14.99 per person.

Jennifer was amazed... having not experienced such a huge and good buffet before. There are quite a few in Las Vegas and they are actually quite good. I have only experienced MGM and the dinner buffet at the RIO which is also very good.

After breakfast we hit a few antique malls and then took a scenic drive through Red Rock Canyon. We relaxed a bit at the house before I took Jen down to TI for the wedding... while she was doing that I was Christmas shopping at the Fashion Show Mall. Had some luck getting some goodies for Sonny. I also took the opportunity to walk over to the Wynn to walk around and take some shots... Jen was on her way to Bucca di Beppo for the reception...

I wandered around for a while... stopped at a casino bar and drank a few JW Blacks on the rocks and talked to an interesting gentleman that has done a lot of world travel.

Later in the evening I got the call from Jen and was off to pick her up and also deliver some of the wedding party to their hotels... by the time I got home... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

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Victor Ozols said...

You're a fine chauffer. I'll have some of everything on the buffet, and a Johnny Black will do nicely, thank you, only I'll have mine with a splash of water instead of ice.