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An avid traveler I have had the good fortune to have spent my career in the travel and vacation industry. From Bali to Copenhagen and all points between is where I have been or intend to go. This blog however is specific to the Western half of the United States as I explore this part of the world.

Monday, May 07, 2012

After spending several years in the West, I will be moving back East to Northern Virginia as my wife is launching a Sit Means Sit Dog Training franchise in Fairfax, Virginia.  As a Fairfax High and Old Dominion University alumni I am excited to return to my old stomping grounds though I cannot imagine how much things have changed since I moved away from Fairfax in 1988.  My wife is very excited to help families and individuals have better experiences with their dogs.  We have owned several dogs and have 3 now... two American Cocker Spaniels (Jazz and Koko) and one Yellow Lab (Chance).  As dog owners we have gone through the process many of our clients will inevitably go through before contacting us... trying pet store brand obedience, treat and clicker brand obedience, do it yourself, etc.  It is amazing how families will change their routines around undesirable behavior because they haven't discovered the right solution.  Sit Means Sit is the right solution.

Before my wife became a Sit Means Sit Master Certified Trainer, we had tried all sorts of programs and techniques and at best they were moderately effective.  With Sit Means Sit, the results are nearly immediate, long lasting and transferable to other family members creating hope, happiness and empowerment in the family unit.  It was the Las Vegas Police Department that originally referred us to Sit Means Sit and we are glad they did.  Fairfax, VA... here we come to bring harmony to every dog and dog owner.

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