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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Getting into shape

Yesterday I ran 4 games of full court basketball at 24 Hour Fitness. I haven't played any real basketball for about 5 years. I did play a little half court with some co-workers in Indianapolis a few months ago and was sucking air from the onset... pretty disgusting.

Well, I am happy to say that while I still have much more progress to make... after my initial 4 weeks with 24 Hour Fitness, working out and doing cardio 6 days per week, my level of physical fitness is greatly improved. My shooting skills definitely are rusty... add to that I played 1 game for cardio and warmup, went upstairs and subjected my back, chest, triceps and biceps to a rigorous workout and then went back downstairs to run 3 more games. I hit some nice shots the first game... I think I scored 3 of our teams 11 points... however, after lifting I had rubber arms and would have been the MVP if air balls counted... I scored quite a few.

My saving grace is defense and it always has been... intercepted passes, rebounds, blocks, a steal or two and sticking to my man like glue is what always got me picked... well that and I am 6'4" and 243 lbs... but back when I played a lot I was more like 225 lbs. I've never been an offensive powerhouse... but maybe basketball is in my blood... the picture above is my Grandfather in high school.

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Victor Ozols said...

Great photo of your grandfather, and best of luck with your fitness routine. Get yourself some bag gloves and start hitting the heavy bag.