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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Convention Part 4

Tonight was our big competitor's sponsored party... it was a sort of Austin Powers theme with a Beatles tribute band opening up for Herman's Hermits. Before the party I had a great dinner at Postrio the Las Vegas 2004 restaurant of the year... thanks Josh... does that mean that Mary andBrig still owe me one!

It was nice to be in my competitors area wearing a bright red suit, the color of my company's logo. It was a hoot... I may have been getting more picture requests than Austin Powers! I had a few cocktails and next thing you know someone was handing me a VIP pass to get into our competitors VIP area for their top clients... hmmm mischief! It was a good laugh to see my competitor regional directors... they were a little skeptical but hey we were all having a god time so I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I snached a few clients?? }:->

After that jam which was okay but not super fantastic it was off to Tao to close down the night... and for some people the night should have closed at about 6:00 p.m. But hey, when do partiers that should go home actually have moments of clarity and thing to themselves... "hey I should cut myself off" ...not happening.

Something about my Red Hat that everyone wanted to try it on... they either really liked the color or they were all Linux fans...

As Butthead would say... Tao is cool uhhh huhuhuhuhuhuhuh

Makes me think of the old newspaper comic 3G

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