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Sunday, March 26, 2006


The biggest convention of the year for my industry started on Sunday with my company sponsoring a golf tournament. As with all previous years, I expected it to be another "Scramble" whereas a team of 4 tees off and the best hit is the point at which all players hit again... that way the best of the four shots are always used. It is always the best ball that determines the next stroke. This is especially helpful when you are playing with golfers like me... that can at any moment hit a brilliant shot and each other moment look like they are cutting grass with a weed whacker.

I was somewhat dismayed when I discovered that this year's game was to be a "Shamble." Initially, I thought it to be a typo... it was close after all. However, I found that this was a modified game where each player tees and all use the best drive, but after that it was each man or woman for his, or herself. In the end, the best 2 scores are recorded.

I thrive in the scramble, but if you ask me to put a complete game together with any consistency then you are asking too much... as I only play twice per year... at this convention. We ended at 4 over and didn't win any awards... but we had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed the day...

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