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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Preparing for Halloween

The coolest spot to get a Zoot Suit or some other stylish apparel of that ilk is Valentino's on South 6th Street in Las Vegas... my costume this year is a brite red zoot suit... and quite a nice one at that.

I was trying to decide what to be this year and I was over the ghouls, vampires and zombies and wanted to be a little bit different. I definitely wasn't going to be an "in" character from some recent movie or show... not much originality in that. So my initial thought was Heat Miser... Remember him?? "I'm Mister Green Christmas... I'm Mister Sun... I'm Mister Heat Blister... I'm Mister Hundred and One... They call me Heat Miser,What ever I touch... Starts to melt in my clutch...I'm too much!

He was one of the more memorable characters from The Year Without A Santa Clause. If you have an urge to go out and buy a SHARP (mine is a Stacy Adams) Zoot Suit then talk to Valentino and Beverly Parker at Valentino's and they will hook you up!

I wanted to be more up to date and stylish Heat Miser like the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies updated Heat miser/ Freeze Miser song... The Zoot Suit looked so goooood I decided that was enough to be smooookin for Halloween... I'll make sure to post myself in my full regalia.

While downtown at Valentino's I also took some time to check out some of the other stores in that district... and there are some cool ones. Everyone that has been to Vegas knows about Caesar's Forum Shops and The Fashion Show Mall both excellent malls that should be toured if you have any interest in shopping.

What most people don't know about, that visit Vegas, is the underground fashion district. It is located south of the strip around main street and you know you are there when the store fronts start taking on a lot of color and the signs advertising the stores name and products/services are painted on in artistic ways rather than the standard metal and fiberglas illuminated signs.

The jewel of this underground fashion district is probably The Attic a collection of custom made and consignment vintage clothing and all kinds of other items such as furniture, appliances, etc.

I took a few out-the-window shots that aren't so great but give you an idea of what this district looks like... to the ordinary tourist it may look a bit like the "bad" side of town but that is not the case... of course I wouldn't suggest shopping after dark however... most stores are closed and in Vegas the freaks really do come out at night!

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Victor Ozols said...

I think you should dress like Scooter. Not the recently indicted Scooter Libby, but Scooter from the Muppet Show. That would be grand.