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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Relaxing after days of meetings and events

Well if you have to rent a car why not go cool... especially when you're in the Midwest... and on Indy 500 turf... an American Muscle Car just seems to fit well. We had just finished 2 days of meetings and it was my last night before flying back to Vegas.

Some coworkers from different regions that hadn't flow out tonight decided to go out, grab some food and if we had any energy after our intense meetings and team activities we would go out and have some brews.

When I say intense team activities I am not kidding! We did a 200 lap race in teams of 5 in these super fast go-carts at a place called FastTimes... and they were pretty serious about their racing too. Below you will see me climbing into my racing gear with flame retardant suit and hair protector... (not really flame retardant more like flame retarded).

Here is a shot of me in full regalia (solid black helmet) and some of my other 1st heat racers... I was thinking I'm gonna whup their butts easy... go carts... how hard can it be??

But as you can see from some of these faces... it wasn't that easy... a very curvy track that required 100% attention and gave your fore arms a real workout... not to mention the bumps and bruises being on the track with amateurs!

This is me... I quickly got the rep of being a madman on the track... lapping everyone twice before my 20 lap segment was done!

Unfortunately, our team was on it's third car by the time we had completed the 200 laps adding too much pit time to overcome. David got in a wreck that destroyed the front left corner panel of the go-cart and Pat lost an axle flying around a curve... it was great fun though!

So yes after this and day long meetings while great also sapped our collective energy. So our last night we were off to an Italian eatery in north Indy.

And then afterward after discovering the hotel bar juke box was dead decided to go in search of a place to have a brew... shoot some pool and listen to some good tunes and so it was off to the 86th street pool hall.

Great fun... darts, pool, mullets and great company.

Lastly... this conference was a great chance to get our west team together since we all work from virtual offices... we took this shot for our Christmas Card...

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Victor Ozols said...

Nice post. The go-carts look fun. Did you have to pay for the ones you wrecked?