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Monday, October 31, 2005

More Halloween shots at Rain

Would you like to dance Miss?

Hmm don't know about this??

Me and Holmes...

Jack and date.

While wandering around I was suprised to run into the Don and his escort Miss Third Base... I had seen Miss First Base and Miss Second Base but I suppose the Don knew what he was doing seeking out Miss Third Base :-)

Myself being an avid gamer I had to get a shot of Mario and Luigi as soon as the UPS man delivered them.

Ahhh vintage clothing...

Boogie Down!

This trio had some unbelievably realistic Asian costumes! The girl on the right saw the red in my suit and I had to run for cover... Sonny Help!

It was about time for Ronald and Mrs. Mcdonald to find a room...

Sonny and Foxy Brown... two peas in a pod...

Ahhhrrr Me Hearties!

The only Bunny in the place.

Ted enters the Matrix and also stands next to some poor slob with a sucker and crazy hair.

Pink is good

Quieren Margaritas?

Sonny with a Marlboro smoking, dark side Jawa or something.

That red hat looks good on someone other than me!

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