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An avid traveler I have had the good fortune to have spent my career in the travel and vacation industry. From Bali to Copenhagen and all points between is where I have been or intend to go. This blog however is specific to the Western half of the United States as I explore this part of the world.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I had a series of meetings with a client in Sedona, AZ this week and while I could have flown... there is nothing like a no traffic roadtrip. Driving in the Nevada and Arizona desert is great... long straight highways, high speed limits, few to no radar traps, other drivers that observe highway etiquette, great scenery, sunrises, sunsets, drastic flora and fauna changes along with climate due to the many elevation changes... I could go on and on. It is a 5.5 hour trip according to map quest which is an estimate based on your grandparents driving the rout. I make it in about 4.5 hours and I've heard of people making it in 4... maybe in a Prius going 95mph with no bathroom or gas stops. I did it in a Dodge Durango R/T making 13 MPG so missing a gas stop is totally out of the question. I took a different rout down into Sedona this trip... 89 which takes you on a multiple s-curve descent to the valley below... can be great, can be decent... depending on who is driving in front of you, a regular person trying to get down to the valley or someone scared of heights that breaks so much you think they are going backwards.

It was a short stay and all business. As I drove out of the Valley I promised myself that I would come back with Sonny and take at least a weekend to explore what Sedona has to offer other than business opportunities.

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