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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wedding Day

After a very long courtship Sonny and I were married today at the MGM Forever Grand Wedding Chapel. If you follow the link you can actually view the ceremony by clicking on live weddings and then selecting the 23rd of November where we are the only marriage webcast that day. It was a really wonderful experience... our coordinator Melanie was fantastic... they did a great job taking care of everything and making it as smooth and stress free as possible... if anyone reading this is thinking about getting married and coming to Vegas to do it... I would stongly suggest MGM. Very smooth. Also, we were very satisfied with the web cast... as it was short notice for many family and friends many watched from their computer screens at home... the webcast was very well choreographed... so well in fact that it exceeded expectations.

The picture above is Sonny and I after our post ceremony celebration with family and a few friends. We drank Piper-Heidsieck from Moser crystal champagne classes my parents brought back from Prague and had some fantastic cake that we ordered from Leopold's Bakery and Catery in Summerlin. Below is the last shot of me as a single dude...

Much more attractive in the first picture. I hit some bad traffic on the way to the Chapel... do I look nervous?

Sonny and I went on a limo cruise of the strip after the ceremony and met the wedding party at McCormick and Schmick's for some wonderful seafood and a great time.

Front left is Nick (Angela's Beau) then my father and mother, daughter Lisa, wife Sonny, me, Frank and Joanne, Sonny's mother and father and daughter Angela. After dinner we all retired... parents to various timeshares... Westgate and Grandview and Sonny and I to our Honeymoon suite at the MGM for a night of wedded bliss! Of course the next morning I was to wake early and begin preparing a Thanksgiving feast for 9!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! We're so happy for you. We both watched the telecast of the wedding, and the ceremony was just beautiful. (Short and sweet). Look forward to congratulating you both in person sometime soon!

Victor Ozols said...

As I said before, it couldn't have happened to two nicer people. Congratulations.