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An avid traveler I have had the good fortune to have spent my career in the travel and vacation industry. From Bali to Copenhagen and all points between is where I have been or intend to go. This blog however is specific to the Western half of the United States as I explore this part of the world.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Snowboard Season Approaches

Well, the snow is starting to fall in Mt. Hood and it is only a matter of time before Mammoth Mountain and Tahoe... hell even Mt. Charleston right outside of Vegas begin to get a full snow covering. Last year I had planned to do a little snowboarding and instead I did a bunch of butt sitting. So it was following that realization that I wrote down my goal to go snowboarding this season and not bust my butt doing it. It has been a while since I've partaken in any real sports and I certainly don't want to go out on the mountain to find out if my muscles, cardio and joints are up to the challenge.

Yesterday I joined 24 Hour Fitness... and this morning was my first workout in a long time. And it was great... warm up on the ergometer followed by work with free weights. After that it was off to Tropical Smoothie for a "Healthy Man."

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