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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Las Vegas Weekly 7th Anniversary

Las Vegas Weekly had their 7th Anniversary at Light, a nightclub in the Bellagio. I had access to some passes so I put them to god use and sent them out to some of my clients that would enjoy an event like this. I have to say that I like these parties... the last was the Halloween party at Rain and that was a blast.

Weekly is a mag that contains letters, editorials, columns on the Vegas scene, an Arts and Entertainment section, event calendar, classifieds and is jammed with adds that promote local events, clubs, concerts, etc.... Really selling the "Sin" in "Sin City." If you're ever in Vegas make sure you pick one up... if you want the skinny on what's going on while you're here.

Light was packed with all types of characters from Storm Troopers to Go-Go Dancers... The Grey Goose, Corona and wine was flowing "free." They had a pretty good DJ that played some club music from the days when I was at the 4400 Club in Norfolk, VA.

It was a great opportunity to spend some time with clients and to meet some of Sonny's co-workers. We didn't plan to stay too long on a Thursday as we both were recovering from long days and have busy days tomorrow. I think we were there about 2 hours and then it was back home.

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Victor Ozols said...

Looks like it was a good time while it lasted. Magazine people plus open bar equals wild times.