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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

I haven't posted for some time because I am a slacker! Well not really, I just have been very busy with work and had a tragedy occur during this time. But I am back and I will attempt as part of my New Year's resolutions to be better about it. We spent our Christmas Eve at our traditional locale... The Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris in Vegas baby! When we were in Orlando, FL the tradition was to go to Le Coq Au Vin which was a great experience, set and fantastic menus, very talented quartet that would come to the table and sing Christmas songs requested by guests if they knew them and they knew a lot!

Our experience in Vegas is fantastic in it's own way... more glitz and glamour than Le Coq but not as much of a Holiday Atmosphere... it is Vegas after all... but we always have the same table right infront of the glass looking down over the strip and the Bellagio Fountains... The food is spectacular and the staff is helpful, professional and a real delight.

For the Holiday feel, walk to the Bellagio before or after dinner to walk through their seasonal lobby.

A stroll along the strip among the Christmas lights is always nice... as you can see I am getting a lot more mileage out of my Zuit Suit than most people thought I would... hell I might buy another one! hmmmm... yellow like Jim Carrey in The Mask... Purple... White... so many colors.

The next morning after my grand showing in the red suit everyone was trying to get in the game... our cat Paris and her red Christmas suit, Angela and her red hair and finally....

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