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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vic and Jenn in Las Vegas

I have been around, across and over the Hoover Dam on foot, in car and in helicopter and through all of those visits have yet to take the Dam tour... well I must have been secretly saving it up for Vic and Jenn's trip.

It was interesting and gave me an even better understanding of the scale of building involved.

It must have been really hard work... I mean look at this statue in the museum... even he has a scowl on his face.

The Valley of Fire... like Vic I am super busy and overwhelmed by the volume of writing that this entry could entail... Vic finished his... mine will be much shorter... for the full scope turn to Vic's blog (link on the tool bar to the left).

Jenn and Sonny relaxing in the sun in the Valley of Fire... okay no more "in the Valley of Fire" I feel like Chris Farley Jenn and Sonny relaxing "down by the River."

Sonny and I having a laugh in the Valley of Fire,

I like this pic in the Valley of Fire.

Sonny Basking in the Valley of Fire

Ted acting like a mountain lion in the Valley of Fire... grrrrrrrrhhhhoooowwwlll!

Leaving the Valley of Fire... whew...


Victor Ozols said...

Nice update. The way I got mine finished finally was first uploading all the photos I wanted to use, in order, and then going through and captioning each one, which provided a narrative of some kind. So, how hot is it in Nevada now? Is it much warmer than when we were there?

Ted Madsen said...

It is still pretty nice... some days it hits 90's but recently we hade a few days that it didn't hit 70