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Friday, January 06, 2006

A Vodka Experiment

My Parents sent me some Calamondin Oranges that I had requested to make my own Tedsolute Orange... After thoroughly cleaning the oranges with water and a medium brissle brush I dropped them into a very large sealable jar.

Some were in bad shape so much like the bad eggs in Wonka's Chocolate Factory they got rejected. I then added 3 bottles (750ml each) of Teton Glacier Potato Vodka into the jar so that it could slowly soak up the flavor of the oranges... The expert at Lee's Discount Liquors suggest this as one of the better domestic potato vodkas made from choice Idaho russet potatoes.

I look forward to some super martinis!


Victor Ozols said...

What do you do with the oranges when the vodka is done infusing? Do you eat them?

Anonymous said...

Don't eat the oranges and drive! This orange vodka makes great Cosmopolitans! --Mom