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Sunday, April 15, 2007


This morning Sonny and I got up bright and early to walk in the Las Vegas AIDS walk. We had gone to see LeAnn Rimes the night before (Sonny is a fan) and I enjoyed the concert... it was a good time all around. Back to the morning we arrived around 6:30am which was waaay early but Sonny's style and while we got a great parking space we mulled around for about an hour until more of Sonny's team from Travelocity arrived.
I was proud to be Sonny's number one cash contributor to her walk while I was there to keep her company and show solidarity for a good cause. Penn and Teller were the official celebrity hosts and kicked off the walk that looped around an area near the World Trade Center of furniture and the down town area on the edge of the Vegas Fashion District.

There was some live entertainment along the way and plenty of water to keep us hydrated... I hadn't realized how many people where there until we went under a train bridge and you could get a good perspective on how large the crowd really was.

After the walk I had to head home and get ready to get on a plane to Napa Valley for business...

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Victor Ozols said...

Yeah, I've done a few of these walk things. They're more fun than they seem, and can even be kind of emotional, like when people walk in memory of someone who has died. They always provide way more water and snacks than anyone needs, like it's so hard that you need an Evian, a yogurt, and some kind of fancy granola bar every quarter mile. Good show.